Frequenty Asked Questions

Is there a cost associated with a booking?

No, it is free.

Why do you request my credit/debit card details during booking?

In some cases, a credit/debit card is only required to guarantee the booking. If you wish to cancel a reservation, you need to follow the procedure as indicated by Quovai and no charges will be made to your credit/debit card. The accommodation establishment may charge all or part of the cost of the stay to your credit/debit card in the case of a no-show or a failure to cancel within the deadline specified by the cancellation policy.

Does the option of bank transfer exist?

Currently this possibility is not activated although this will be an equally valid option that will be implemented shortly.

How are the data of my credit/debit card encrypted?

The credit card details (name, card number and expiry date) are collected by Auric Systems ( AuricVault (as part of Auric Systems) provides a safe and secure off-site PCI compliant storage service for credit card account numbers. In some cases, the data may transit through the payment gateway Stripe ( and be stored in encrypted form on behalf of Quovai until either check-in or no-show. This could happen if an accommodation establishment opts for pre-authorisation in order to verify the validity of the credit card. The data of the credit card (number, expiry date and CVV) do not transit the Quovai servers, but are transmitted directly by the user (guest), via a secure channel, to the payment gateway and secure storage systems used.

How do I know if my booking was successful?

After completing your booking including your credit/debit card details, you will receive a confirmation on screen and by email of your booking. The email will contain a link to enable you to cancel your booking. If you do not receive a confirmation email within a couple of minutes, please check your spam/junk folder. If the email is not lodged there, please contact us at

Will I be penalised for a no-show?

In case of a no-show and no cancellation in line with the establishment's cancellation policy,  Quovai s.r.l may charge all or part of the cost of the stay to your credit/debit card. It is very important to carefully read the cancellation policy before completing your booking.n caso il cliente non si presenti presso la struttura ricettiva il giorno stabilito per l'arrivo e non effettui la cancellazione nei tempi indicati, Quovai s.r.l potrebbe addebitare parte o tutto il costo del soggiorno sulla carta di credito del cliente. E' importante leggere attentamente i termini di cancellazione prima di completare la prenotazione.

How can I cancel my booking?

At the time of booking, you will receive an email confirmation from Quovai containing a link to cancel your booking and a PIN (for security reasons). By clicking on this link and inserting your PIN, you can cancel your booking. If you encounter problems, please send an email to

Can I expect an email reminder from you about my reservation a few days before my arrival?

An e-mail reminder will be sent to you 1 day before the cancellation deadline, one week before the beginning of your stay and 1 day before the beginning of your arrival date. These reminders are a courtesy service provided by Quovai. Failure to send these reminders does not relieve you of your responsibility to keep track of your booking and cancellation date in the event that you decide to cancel your booking.

Is the price shown all-inclusive?

The price shown is all-inclusive of the room(s) and any other services listed by the accommodation establishment except for the tassa di soggiorno. This tax is a local tax that is applied to guests staying in an accommodation structure. If breakfast and other facilities (e.g., area wellness) are not included, these will be clearly indicated on the Quovai websites.